Unsolved Murders

Enoch Burnett

Age: 30

Sex: male

Date: 28 Dec 1928

Place: Albert Road, North Woolwich

Enoch Burnett was found unconscious in Albert Road, North Woolwich with cuts and abrasions on his face and died later in the Seamen's Hospital.

When he was taken to the hospital he had cuts and abrasions on his face as well as a bruise on his left temple and below the chin. The police surgeon said that he thought that the injuries were the result of a swinging blow on the temple and an upper cut beneath the chin as the bruises corresponded to the shape of a man's knuckles.

He died two days later from concussion of the brain without regaining consciousness.

He was a labourer and had lived at Abbey Wood. His wife said that she had left him in November on account of his cruelty towards her.

She said that she used to go to dances which didn't please him and that he had threatened her with a razor.

She said that on the night that he was found unconscious she had been to a picture palace with some friends in Greenwich although they had left her outside and she had stood alone in the cinema through the performance.

Enoch Burnett's father said that a few days before he was found unconscious Enoch Burnett had told him that if he found his wife with another man that he would 'smash them both up'.

A detective Inspector said that he thought that Enoch Burnett had gone to North Woolwich to look for his wife and that he might have become entangled with some hoarding outside a public house and afterwards fallen over.

The Coroner said that there was no direct evidence to show how Enoch Burnett received his injuries but after three hours’ deliberation the Coroner’s jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against some person or persons unknown.

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