Unsolved Murders


Age: 0

Sex: female

Date: 27 Dec 1928

Place: Secret Pool, Warren, Kent

The headless body of a baby girl was found in the Secret Pool on the Warren.

The police in the neighbouring places were asking women with baby girls younger than six months to produce them so they could rule them out of their enquiries.

The body was found at 3.30pm with its head and spinal column missing.

The body had not been in the water long but had been eaten by fish. The coroner said the head had been cut off with a knife.

The inquest heard that the finding could have been related to a parcel that was found in a churchyard in Folkestone on 6 December 1928 which was wrapped up in a paper dated 5 December 1928.

At the inquest, a juryman was fined for not showing up. The man said that he had been out of work and had been offered a job blasting rock in Tilmanstone and had to study his living and would have lost the job if he didn't show up. The Coroner said that he felt sorry for the man as he had been out of work but stated that he was under £10 recognisances and was liable for that amount for breaking them and that he was under an obligation to the State and Crown ro fulfil his duties as a juryman. He also fined him £2 although he said he did it with great regret but that it was absolutely necessary to maintain the authority of the law and that it would not be fair to the other jurymen to take no notice of it. He said that he could have sent him to prison instead of giving him a fine.

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