Unsolved Murders

Richard Bentley Rushton

Age: 73

Sex: male

Date: 11 Aug 1929

Place: 3 Kay Street, Padiham, Lancashire

Richard Bentley Rushton was found dead in his bed.

Richard Rushton was a widower and a cotton cloth overlooker.

His body was found in an advanced state of putrefaction on 11 August 1929. The Coroner stated that they would probably never know the cause of death as the condition of the body would render an examination almost impossible or as difficult as in a case of exhumation.

The Coroner also said that he was not satisfied, under the circumstances, with going further with the expense of the inquiry. He said that although he did have the power to spend a lot of public money, doing so by ordering an examination, he did not want the jury to feel obsessed by the shadow of Croydon, and feeling that something may be wrong. As such he said that he thought it best to state that Richard Rushton had been found dead and that the cause of death was unascertainable owing to the advanced state of putrefaction and an open verdict was returned. He added that there was nothing to suggest foul play.

His daughter said that she had lived with Richard Rushton up until nine months before. She said that she had visited his house since but not seen him.

A woman who lived down the street said that she had known Richard Rushton for about three years and that since his daughter had left she had been cleaning his house for him. She said that he had seemed quite healthy to her. She said that he had worked at Ingham's mill until the Padiham holidays on 19 July 1929 after which he had not worked. She said that she saw him on 30 July 1929 she called at his house and went to get some provisions for him and that when she had returned he had given her his saying that he might go away for a few days holiday and told her that she could come in and clean up any time she wished. She said that his health was in its usual state. She said that it was his custom to go away for a couple of days and say nothing to anyone.

She said that on 11 August 1929 at 10.30 she unlocked his front door and found him lying on his bed and that she then went off to notify the police.

A policeman said that everything in the house was in order. He said that the back kitchen door was closed but not locked and that Richard Rushton's hat and coat were hanging behind the hall door and that his boots were under the table. He said that Richard Rushton was in his bed with the bedclothes drawn up under his arms and that he was wearing his vest, shirt and underpants. He said that Richard Rushton's false teeth were in a cup of water downstairs.

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