Unsolved Murders

Steve David Jindu

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 14 Nov 2000

Place: Horsenden Hill, Greenford

Source: www.met.police.uk

Steve Jindu was found dead on Horsenden Hill.

He had been stabbed to death and his body was said to have been mutilated.

His body was found in a small clearing surrounded by woods on Horsenden Hill by a passer-by on 14 November 2000. The clearing was about 80 yards from Horsenden Lane North.

He was last seen alive at 10.40pm on 11 November 2000 in CCTV footage whilst leaving Yates Wine Bar in Mattock Lane, Ealing. It was said that whilst he had been in the bar he had popped out several times to make calls on his mobile phone.

He had been driving a green VW Passat car which was found still parked in Mattock Lane several days later.

The police said that they were interested in finding out how he had got from the bar in Mattock Lane to Horsenden Hill.

The Police said that he had travelled to Dublin in October 2000 telling his family that he was going to find work shortly before he died. He had taken the 8am ferry from Liverpool on 6 October 2000 and had left Dublin on the 1pm ferry the next day, 7 October 2000.

However, there were no records of him looking for work by any agencies there and the police said that they could not trace any of his movements whilst in Dublin.

Steve Jindu was a fork lift truck driver.

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