Unsolved Murders

Mary Deeley

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 12 Oct 1965

Place: 158 Westmorland Road, Newcastle-uponTyne

Mary Deeley was found dead on a plot of waste ground behind 158 Westmorland Road.

A man was tried for her murder but acquitted.

Her body was found by a man that lived at 158 Westmorland Road. He had been out on the night of 12 October 1965 and when he got back early the next morning, 13 October around 1.15am he saw her body when hs was parking his car in his garage with his headlamps on. He telephoned the police and they arrived a few minutes later.

A doctor arrived at about 1.30am and found that she was still warm and estimated that she had probably died about 2-3 hours before, between 10.30pm and 11.30pm on 12 October 1965. He said that the cause of death was asphyxia due to homicidal strangulation.

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