Unsolved Murders

Robert Alexander Stewart

Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 12 Sep 1922

Place: Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton, Glasgow

Robert Alexander Stewart was killed by a mob.

Two young men, both about 22-years-old, were charged with his murder but a not proven verdict was returned.

He had been assaulted by a mob in the Dalmarnock district of Glasgow on the assumption that he had been trying to kidnap a little five-year-old boy.

Robert Stewart had been on the top of a tram heading towards the city on the night of Monday 11 September 1922. He was described as a well-dressed man whilst the boy was bare-footed. The conductor told two women that Robert Stewart and the boy were upstairs, and a woman went up to speak to them but seemed satisfied when the boy told him that Robert Stewart was his uncle Bob.

However, when the woman came down and said what had happened the other woman went up in a temper saying that Robert Stewart was a kidnapper and when Robert Stewart descended the tram the conductor blew his whistle and a crowd gathered and a shout was taken up of 'kidnapper' and Robert Stewart hurried off with the mob chasing him.

Robert Stewart received five skull fractures when the mob caught up with him and kicked him on the ground. He was later found by the kerbstone in an unconscious state by the police at the junction of Dalmarnock Road and Summerfield Street at about 8.05pm and taken to the Royal Infirmary where he later died at about 5pm on the Tuesday night 12 September 1922.

Robert Stewart was a ship's cook and had just been to Cambuslang to collect the boy who was the child of a man that had stayed at their home and lived with them because the arrangement suited all parties and called him Uncle Bob.

Robert Stewart had lived at 35 Elizabeth Street in Ibrox and had been a ship's cook.

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