Unsolved Murders

Andre Marshall

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 20 May 2015

Place: St Clements Church, Manor Park, Urmston, Manchester

Source: www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Andre Marshall was shot seven times in the torso and leg in Manor Park.

A man was arrested in connection with his murder but skipped bail and was not seen again, although it was thought that he was arrested in Pakistan in June 2019.

Andre Marshall's body was found lying in the road next to a car near St Clement’s Church in Manor Park. He had also been pistol whipped and had a fractured skull.

He had been shot once to his left shoulder, once to his left side, once to the left side of his abdomen, once to the right side of his lower back, once to the back of his thigh, once to his left shin and once to his right shoulder. It was also noted that a number of bullets had also grazed his skin.

The pathologist said that Andre Marshall had had severe internal bleeding to both lungs and the heart and said that he would have died rather quickly.

It was thought that he had been shot with a .45 Colt semi-automatic pistol. The gun has never been traced. It was heard that someone had collected most of the bullet casings, as they were not all at the scene as the police said they would have expected, and they said that they thought that that had been to delay the investigation.

It was said that the gunman and the two men that him assisted him had gone off after the shooting to the Emporio Armani store at the Trafford Centre shopping complex where they had spent £700 in a shopping spree and that they had afterwards gone back to the murder scene and mingled with the crowd looking on.

The man that was arrested for his murder was released on bail and has not been seen since. It was reported in November 2017 that the man was still on the run. In June 2019 it was reported that a man was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan in relation to Andre Marshall's murder and that the Greater Manchester Police were planning to extradite him.

Two other people were convicted in May 2016 for assisting an offender, with one of them also being convicted for weapons offences.

A white van was seen on CCTV footage having to break sharply for a silver BMW car that came out of Manor Avenue onto Stretford Road at 12.45am and the police said that they were keen to trace the driver, noting that he was not a suspect, adding that they hoped that he could help with their inquiries.

It was thought that Andre Marshall had been sitting in a BMW car with the man that was thought to have shot him, but that when he had tried to get out the man shot him. It was thought that Andre Marshall had been driving the other man about and that the first four shots had been fired whilst the man with the gun was in the car, and that he had then got out of the car and fired three more shots to finish him off. It was thought that the man had then got back in the car and driven off quickly, nearly crashing into the white van.

The car was later found round the corner.

The gunman’s blood was found in the car and it was thought that he had injured his hand by firing the pistol in a two-handed grip.

Andre Marshall had been a member of the Gooch Gang based in Moss Side, Manchester, his role being that of an enforcer. He had been convicted in 2008 for possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and assault after an attack at the Moss Side Leisure Centre and sentenced to seven years. He and another man had used a sub machine gun to threaten a man in the weights room of the leisure centre in July 2007. It was said that as the attack took place, the police were in a room next door giving a talk on gun crime.

The police also said that Andre Marshall might have been attacked because someone owed him £1,600.

At his inquest it was heard that he had been shot in cold blood, without a fight or struggle. The forensic evidence was said to have suggested that he had been in contact with his killer before he was shot, and it was thought that Andre Marshall had been in the driver seat whilst his killer had been in the passenger seat.

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