Unsolved Murders

James Davis

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 3 Jun 2010

Place: Old Palace Road, Norwich

Source: www.eveningnews24.co.uk

James Davis was stabbed to death.

He had been stabbed in the heart.

He had lived in London but had gone to Norwich with four other men to take some property from one of four men at the property on Old Palace Road.

It was said that when he got there an altercation took place during which James Davis was stabbed,

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of his murder but released without charge.

The police said that they knew that someone in the group that James Davis had gone with had had a gun.

James Davis also had a cut on his hand that might have been a defensive wound.

A man who lived at the Old Palace Road property said that at about 1.30am he had heard noises and a thud against his door. He said that he then got a call at 1.40am from another occupant in the house saying that they had heard the commotion. He said that when he had the other occupant came out of their room's they saw blood on a wall and James Davis lying on the floor and then phoned 999.

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