Unsolved Murders

Fiona White

Age: 3

Sex: female

Date: 1 Jul 1969

Place: Pym Street, Nottingham

Ian White and Fiona White were found dead in the cellar.

They were twins and had died within a week of each other.

They were found dead in the cellar about 15 months after they died in 1970.

When they died their mother told no one and contrinued to claim their family allowance so that the authorities would not find out.

Their father was in prison at the time and the mother didn't tell him but he later started enquiries through the police who found their dead bodies.

Open verdicts were returned at their inquest and the mother was later convicted of six counts of obtaining allowances by deceit and asked for fifty-nine similar offences to be taken into account. She was given three years probation.