Unsolved Murders

Viola Mead

Age: 85

Sex: female

Date: 13 May 2003

Place: Dobbins Lane, Wendover

Source: www.bucksherald.co.uk

Viola Mead was attacked in her home and taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where she died a month later.

She was followed back to her house on Sunday, 27 April 2003 at about 3.30pm and attacked. She later died on 15 May 2003.

She was found by a friend the next morning in a semi-conscious state lying on her kitchen floor having been there all night, about 19 hours.

She had suffered from leg injuries in the attack. She was followed into her house by two men and then was knocked down and punched in the face. After the attack they had taken her handbag.

She said that one of the men was about 5ft 9ins tall with a thin build and narrow face, and appeared to be very tanned or yellow in colour, as though he had jaundice. She said that he was clean shaven and was wearing a blue or black jumper with a yellow motif on the left-hand side.

She said that the other man was also about 5ft 9ins tall with a thin build.

She had been out shopping before the attack and was last seen in Budgens at 3.30pm.

The police said that they didn't think that her attackers were local.

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