Unsolved Murders

Peter Scott Henderson

Age: 58

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jul 2002

Place: Danvers Road, Rose Hill, Oxford

Source: www.google.co.uk

Peter Scott Henderson was found dead in his flat.

He died from head injuries and it was thought that he either slipped or had been murdered. He suffered from bleeding on the brain caused by fractures to the back of his skull.

Three people were arrested in relation to his death but no one was charged.

His inquest took five years to process due to backlogs and an open verdict was returned.

Peter Henderson was an alcoholic.

The doctors report stated that he was more likely to have fallen rather than have been hit on the head and it was noted that he had an abnormally thin skull and also had a history of blackouts and seizures. However, it was also noted that there could have been other people present and involved with the fall.

It was noted that there were inconsistencies and gaps in evidence provided by some of the witnesses.

At the inquest, it was heard that Peter Henderson's partner had said that she had been threatened not to give evidence and had heard someone confess to being responsible for Peter Henderson's death, however, she herself had died in 2005 and was as such not able to provide the evidence to the inquest which took place in May 2007.

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