Unsolved Murders

Danielle Thorn

Age: 7 Weeks

Sex: female

Date: 1 Sep 1997

Place: Britwell, Slough

Source: www.google.co.uk

Danielle Thorn died from a brain injury.

Her father was tried for her murder after it was found that she had skull fractures, but it was later determined that the skull fractures were several days old which meant that it could not be proven that he had inflicted them, and he was released.

The father had been in sole charge of Danielle Thorn when she had stopped breathing. He had then run to a neighbours to get help and Danielle Thorn was then taken to hospital where she died seven hours later.

When the doctors examined her, she was found to have bruising and it was later found that she had a fractured skull which was said to have been caused by at least two blows to the head.

At the trial the fathers defence ordered a second post-mortem and another pathologist examined slides taken at the first post-mortem and concluded that the simple fractures to the skull were days old and the father was acquitted.

The prosecution later admitted that, 'there was only ever a case against this defendant if it could be proved that the first pathologist's conclusions were correct'.

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