Unsolved Murders

James Davies

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 3 Jun 2010

Place: Old Palace Road, Norwich

Source: www.google.co.uk

James Davies was stabbed to death at a house in Old Palace Road, Norwich on 3 June 2010.

He was stabbed several times including the heart, buttocks and thigh and he had what were thought could have been defensive wounds to his hands. His cause of death was given as being due to a stab wound to the heart.

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of his murder, but no one was ever charged.

James Davies had travelled up from London to Norwich with three other people to 'take some property' from one of five men that lived at the address and when they arrived there was an altercation.

One of the men that had been living at the house said, 'At about 1.30am I heard a lot of noises and heard a thud against my door. At 1.40am I received a call from another occupant who said she had also heard the commotion'. He said that when they came out of their rooms they then saw bloodstains on the wall and James Davies lying face down on the floor and that they then called 999 and followed instructions over the phone on how to help him.

The police said, 'We know that four men entered the address. One of those persons had a gun and one was James Davis. We believe they travelled from London and met other men in the house. We believe they had gone there to take some property from one of the people residing at that address. Seven people were arrested on suspicion of murder, but no prosecution has been proffered at this stage. The investigation will remain open, and should any further evidence come to light, it will become available to the CPS'.

His inquest returned the verdict of 'death as a result of a stab wound to the heart inflicted by another person'.

James Davies had been a voluntary care worker and had one child.

More than 500 people attended James Davies's funeral.

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