Unsolved Murders

Sheila le Gry

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 7 Dec 1963

Place: North Walsham, Norfolk

Sheila le Gry went missing from her home in North Walsham on 7 December 1963.

She was reported missing on 15 December 1963.

She had been married to a 31-year-old  RAF helicopter pilot with whom she had had three sons aged 7, 4 and 22 months. They had married nine years earlier.

She was said to have been known to have sometimes given impromptu striptease shows at gay parties in the area.

Her husband said that she had walked out of their home at 7.30am on 7 December 1963. He said:

As far as I am concerned there is no mystery about Sheila. She walked out after a row. I don't want her back. When her mother discovered a week later that Sheila had gone off, she was very worried, and asked me to call the police. I have given the police all the help I can. I want this business cleared up once and for all so that I can concentrate on my flying career.

He went on to say:

Sheila was seventeen and a half when she married me. We were very much in love then. But lately there had been disagreement. About housing. About housing. And my friendships with other women. I'm not a paragon of virtue. In the social side of my flying career one obviously meets a lot of girls. And I'm a normal man. On the money side, Sheila loved a gay life. I couldn't afford to give her that on my £1,2000-a-year pay. I've got three children to support, and other commitments.

He said that two days after she walked out that she phoned him and told him she had found a room and a job. He added:

As far as I know, the police have been unable to trace anyone who saw her after she left out house.

Sheila le Gry's 48-year-old mother said:

I am desperately worried. If I don't hear some definite news soon, I shall call in a private detective.

She later received a late Christmas card postmarked 28 December 1963 from Coventry which was signed, 'Love, Sheila', and it was reported that police handwriting experts were examining it.

After she went missing the police checked on night clubs in the Midlands, East Anglia, London and in parts of Yorkshire in case she had got a job there as a striptease artist.

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