Unsolved Murders

Sergiusz Meges

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 10 Jun 2015

Place: St Stephens Underpass, Norwich

Source: www.eveningnews24.co.uk

Sergiusz Meges died after receiving injuries to his body in a subway in St Stephens Street, Norwich.

His death was initially treated as unexplained, but the police later confirmed that he had been murdered and a murder inquiry was opened.

Two men were then later arrested on suspicion of murder, but no charges were made.

CCTV evidence from the area was not complete enough to show if anyone else had been with Sergiusz Meges at the time he received his injuries.

He had suffered from a haemorrhage and had fractured ribs on his left side but no defensive injuries. It was heard that he might have been so severely intoxicated at the time he might have been attacked that he was unable to defend himself.

However, at his inquest in 2018 the Coroner said his death might have been an accident and that he might have fallen. He said, 'The post-mortem showed they may have been as a result of a fall, and he was an alcoholic and susceptible to falling so I can't rule this out'.

His post-mortem concluded that Sergiusz Meges could have fallen, been kicked or stamped on or have been punched forcefully to the lower left side of his chest.

However, it was also heard at the inquest that a man confessed to a stranger on a night out that he was going to be banged up soon for killing a homeless person. The stranger, who gave evidence at the inquest, said that about a week after Sergiusz Meges was found dead, a man asked him if he was having a good night and then asked him for a lighter outside a club and then said, 'I'm making the most of it as I will be banged up soon. You know the guy in the underground? I killed him. I kicked him in the head'. The stranger said that he asked the man why he did it and said that the man said that the man had been pestering him for money. The stranger said that he waited until later that day before he told the police saying, 'I didn't know whether to believe him'. However, the stranger was unable to pick the man he had spoken to out of an identity parade that included police suspects.

Sergiusz Meges was a homeless man and was from Poland. He was described as a chronic alcoholic.

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