Unsolved Murders

Shawn Callum

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 8 Feb 2009

Place: Shakespreare Avenue, Stonebridge Estate, Harlesden, London

Shawn Callum was shot as he left a party at a Stonebridge Primary School in Shakespeare Avenue, Stonebridge in the early hours of 8 February 2009.

A man that had just got out of prison was tried for his murder but acquitted at a trial in February 2010.

The event at the primary school had been an 'I Feel Good' party which was a private party and he had only been there for about 30 minutes before he was shot in the back at about at 2.30am. Tickets for the party were being sold for £7 each across London.

The bullet had gone through a major blood vessel leading to his heart and he died within minutes of being shot.

Although there had been about a dozen people outside the event, only a few of his friends came forward to make a statement and identify the gunman.

They named the man that had just got out of prison on 30 January 2009 as the gunman and it was found that he changed his mobile phone the day after the murder. He was also linked to the scene by CCTV evidence and cellsite data. The man had just served a sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

At the trial the prosecution said that the ex-convict had shot Shawn Callum on the orders of his friend who had been disrespected by Shawn Callum's cousin.

However, the ex-convict's friend said that he had not been at the party and the ex-convict claimed that he had been mis-identified as the gunman.

Shawn Callum was also known as Creeper.

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