Unsolved Murders

Nicholas Sang

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 21 Mar 2006

Place: Towpath Way, Croydon

Doreen Abidoph and Nicholas Sang died after being set on fire with petrol during a domestic row.

The fire had taken place at their home on Towpath Way on 7 January 2006. Doreen Abidoph was taken to hospital with 80% burns and later died on 24 January 2006. Nicholas Sang later died on 21 March 2006 from bronchial pneumonia and multiple organ failure.

They had blamed each other for setting each other on fire and an open verdict was returned.

Doreen Abidoph had been celebrating her birthday earlier in the day. When she was being taken to the hospital she had said 'You won't believe it's my birthday today, I'm 39. He did this to me. He poured petrol over me and set me alight.'.

However, Nicholas Sang had said that Doreen Abidoph had set fire to him.

The fire was described as being an explosion and neighbours said that they had seen Doreen Abidoph running out of the house engulfed in flames.

A 25 litre container was found at the house on an upstairs landing that had had petrol in it. Also, two lighters were found in the bedroom.

Evidence heard at the inquest stated that Doreen Abidoph's injuries were consistent with her having been lying down when she was burned whilst Nicholas Sang's injuries indicated that he had been standing up. However, the Coroner returned an open verdict.

Experts who examined the evidence said that they could not determine who had started the fire. They said that there was a chance that the petrol had ignited by a spark from an appliance accidently but said that that was unlikely.

Doreen Abidoph and Nicholas Sang had had a history of domestic violence.

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