Unsolved Murders

Halil Tamizi

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 26 Sep 2003

Place: Caledonian Road, Camden, North London

Source: courtnewsuk.co.uk

Halil Tamizi was stabbed and disembowelled outside a shop.

A male Albanian asylum seeker was tried for his murder but the jury failed to reach a verdict.

No further trial or trial results are known.

It was said that the man had chased Halil Tamizi into a grocery store where he had stabbed him leaving his intestines hanging out.

After being stabbed, Halil Tamizi managed to stagger outside to a bus-stop where he screamed for help and then collapsed on the floor. He was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery but he died 8-days later. He had injuries to his stomach and liver.

It was heard that the man had armed himself with a knife and gone to Halil Tamizi's flat after a family dispute over work where he had stabbed him and then fled.

The man tried for his murder denied attacking Halil Tamizi. He said that he had gone to his flat to discuss a dispute involving his daughter and that he didn't have a knife and had no plans to stab him. He said 'I went in to talk to Halil about the problems my daughter had. But when he turned from the counter he threatened me with a knife. It wasn't my intention to make trouble with anybody. I am too old to do so.'. He then said that there was a struggle during which he attempted to disarm Halil Tamizi and then fled the shop.

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