Unsolved Murders

Hussein Hersi

Age: 16

Sex: male

Date: 14 Jul 2005

Place: Argyle Road, West Ealing

Source: www.ealingtimes.co.uk

Hussein Hersi was stabbed eight times in Argyle Road at about 8pm on 14 July 2005.

He had been with a friend when they were attacked by a group of five males near the junction of The Avenue on Argyle Road in West Ealing.

Hussein Hersi and his friend were both Somalian. His friend was also stabbed in the leg but survived.

Hussein Hersi and his friend had had an altercation with a black youth after which they were attacked by five males. It was thought that their attackers had been armed with at least two knives and a baseball bat.

During the attack a person that had been driving along the road in a silver Peugeot car had abandoned their car in the street because of the youths fighting on the road and Hussein Hersi and his friend had tried to get in it to protect themselves. Hussein Hersi's blood was later found in the car.

The five males then ran off along The Avenue.

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