Unsolved Murders

Lena Dorothy Thompson

Age: 34

Sex: female

Date: 18 Mar 1931

Place: Grimsby

Lena Dorothy Thompson died from unknown causes in a cobbler's shop.

The Coroner said that he did not believe the shoemaker's story. The shoemaker said that Lena Thompson had come to his premises and did some washing. He said then that as he was working at his bench and she was sat on the edge of a bed she called out to him and then went off in his arms and died.

The Coroner said that there was nothing to suggest that she had died from any violence or that she had taken anything. Analysis of her stomach proved negative.

A doctor said that her death might possibly have been due to shock during excitement.

The shoemaker said that he had known her for 18 months and that she had stayed with him on odd occasions. He said that she had come to his shop at about 7am and had asked for a cup of tea. He said that she later left at about 9am but came back saying that she was going to wash. He said that he carried on work and then when he was going into dinner she caught hold of his arm and said, 'Don't forget Harold and Robin' and then died in his arms.

He said that he then laid her body out on the bed and went to the police station.

When the shoe and boot repairer was asked about her clothing he said that she had only taken off her frock. The Coroner told him that that differed from the officer's report which stated that she had been almost nude.

Lena Thompson had lived with a fisherman. He said that he had left the cobbler's shop on the Monday and that when he had gone back on the Wednesday the cobbler had told him that she was asleep and that when he went back later in the day he told him that she was dead.

The Coroner called the cobbler back to the stand and said 'I don't accept your tale. I don't think you are telling me all the circumstances. I am not satisfied', and the cobbler said, 'I have told you all' and the Coroner replied, 'All you want me to know'.

A neighbour said that the cobbler came to see her and asked to borrow a shilling saying that the girl that lived with him had collapsed. However, she said that he later told her that he had found her stone dead on the bed on returning from an errand.

The Coroner returned an open verdict adding that it was obvious that the cobbler was not saying the truth.

Lena Thompson was a former film actress.

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