Unsolved Murders

Naziat Parveen Zafar

Age: 38

Sex: female

Date: 26 Aug 2001

Place: Streatham, South London

Source: www.met.police.uk

Naziat Parveen Zafar was killed at her home in front of her children.

Her husband was the main suspect and was believed to have fled to Pakistan in 2001.

Naziat Khan's two daughters said that they were in the room when their mother was strangled and saw him do it.

Naziat Zafar was strangled in her home with a scarf. Her daughters said that after she died their father warned them that they would be next.

It was said that he had strangled her after she asked him for a divorce. They had had an arranged marriage.

His children said that the father used to beat Naziat Zafar and never contributed financially to the family and he was asked to leave, and they had separated.

One of her daughters said that she had been to a neighbour’s house to read Arabic after which she went home, having a key to get in. She said that when she got home she found her father at the door covered in scratches and said that she knew something was wrong. She said that when she went in she saw her mother lying on the floor with her eyes closed and said that she looked like she was struggling to breathe. She said that one of her other sisters was in the corner and looked pale and was shaking and that her father then locked the door behind her. She said that her sister then became hysterical and started to scream and that her father rushed at her and started pulling her scarf but that she managed to pull him away from her sister after which her father went to her mother who was lying on the floor. She said that her mother had blood gushing out of her but looked conscious but that her father then pulled the ends of her scarf and strangled her in front of them.

She said that after killing their mother, her father then turned round to them and told them that he would do the same to them if they told anyone what he had done.

She said that their father then took jewellery off of Naziat Zafar and took them out of the house. She said that they walked around for ages with their father who told them that they couldn’t breathe a word about what he had done to anyone or else he would kill them.

She said that her father then took them to one of his friends’ houses and left them there. She said that she kept calling her home to speak to her mother and said that the next day her father called her to say that he was with their mother and everything was alright.

However, she said that the next day the police came and told her that her mother was dead and that their father had fled to Pakistan. Naziat Zafar's body was found by her 16-year-old son after he returned from a trip to Bradford with his uncle.

His daughter later said that she thought that her father deliberately planned for her 16-year-old brother to go to Bradford so that he would be out of the way.

The daughter said that she and her brothers and sisters were then put into foster care and that sometime later she heard on the grapevine that her father was living in his home village of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. However, there was no extradition treaty between the UK and Pakistan and the police were unable to arrest the father. The police did say that they had been given permission by the Crown Prosecution Service to arrest the father should he ever return to England.

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