Unsolved Murders

Ida Edith Newbury

Age: 22

Sex: female

Date: 1 May 1931

Place: Soho, London

Ida Edith Newbury died from an illegal operation.

She was a dressmaker from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.

She died in the Hospital for Women in Soho.

She had been engaged to a man who was in business with her at a silk and material shop in Leigh.

When the police questioned her fiance he was said to have been astounded to learn that she had had an illegal operation. He said that he had known that she was in a certain condition at the end of February 1931 and that on 13 March 1931 he had taken her to see a doctor in London and that they had returned to Westcliff afterwards. However, he said that the first that he heard of the operation was when the police inspector had told him of her injury.

Her fiance said that after seeing the doctor in London they had discussed marriage but said that it was a financial impossibility. He denied doing anything that resulted in her death.

After finding out about her injury he gave two transfusions of blood for her.

The pathologist said that her death was due to blood poisoning following her injury. He said that it was just possible that her injury could have been self-inflicted.

The Coroner said that the injury was the result of someone using an instrument on her and that being so, that it was a case of murder.

The Hospital for Women in Soho was located at 29-30 Soho Square and 3 and 4 Frith Street.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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