Unsolved Murders

Alexander Nash

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 12 Sep 1906

Place: Gilfach, South Wales

Alexander Nash died from chloral hydrate poisoning.

He was a gentleman of private means and had lived in Brighton but had gone to South Wales for the benefit of his health accompanied by a nurse.

The nurse took him to Gilfach and on the way, they called at Cardiff and had dinner at a restaurant which she said was the only food Alexander Nash had.

She said that she had no drugs and that the only thing that she had ever given him was a little whisky.

A Home Office expert who carried out the post-mortem stated that he found four and a half grains of chloral hydrate in his intestines.

The jury at his inquest returned a verdict stating that Alexander Nash had died from chloral hydrate poisoning but that there was no evidence to show how the poison was administered.

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