Unsolved Murders

Stanley Heal

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 18 Feb 1911

Place: Boreham Home Farm, Boreham, Warminster, Devon

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Stanley Heal was found shot.

An open verdict was returned.

Stanley Heal was a farmer from West Hale Farm in Buckland Brewer near Bideford and had been on a visit to Home Farm in Boreham to inspect a farm in the Kent neighbourhood with a view to becoming a tenant before he got married to his fiancee who lived at West Hale Farm. He had been there for some days and when he got back to Home Farm on the Wednesday evening he retired to rest at which time he appeared to be in his usual spirits.

However, at 4.30am a gunshot was heard and his fiancee said that she then went to find Stanley Heal but he was missing. She said that she then went downstairs and that when she opened the door she heard some groans a short distance away. She then went out with a lighted candle and in the darkness saw Stanley Heal with his head shattered and a gun resting across his body. She said that she then went back to the house and then got the police.

When a policeman arrived at about 5am he said that he found Stanley Heal about 50 yards from the house on the drive dressed in his breaches and boots but without a coat or waistcoat, and lying flat on his back with his arms extended.

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