Unsolved Murders

Elsie Swan

Age: 32

Sex: female

Date: 23 Dec 1932

Place: Fountain Street, Hulme, Manchester

Elsie Swan died from an illegal operation.

She had lived on Fountain Street in Hulme. After becoming ill she was taken to Nell Lane Hospital, the Withington Institution, where she died from general peritonitis.

Two women were arrested in relation to her murder, a 34-year old woman from Abergele Road in Fallowfield who was charged with causing Elsie Swan's death, and a 30-year old mother from Chapman Grove in Hulme who was accused of counselling and procuring the woman from Abergele Road to commit a felony.

When the woman from Abergele Road was detained she said, 'The girl came here, but I did nothing to her'. When they were taken to the police station and charged the woman from Abergele Road said, 'I am sorry, I didn't intend to do anything like that. I only did it as a favour, because I felt sorry for the girl. The woman from Chapman Grove said, 'I felt sorry for her. She asked me to take her'.

However, there are no trial results known.

The coroner returned an open verdict.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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