Unsolved Murders

Esther Mahoney

Age: 20

Sex: female

Date: 8 Aug 1932

Place: Richmond Road

Esther Mahoney died from the effects of septic abortion.

She was taken to hospital where she died from the effects of septicaemia.

A friend of Esther Mahoney said that she and Esther Mahoney had gone to an address at Ladbroke Grove and that whilst there she had heard a doctor say to Esther Mahoney, 'You know the fee?' and said that she heard Esther Mahoney reply, 'Yes, £3', and then heard the doctor say 'That is ridiculous. I shall have to charge you £5. I should have charged you more if you had a young man'.

The doctor denied that she had visited him or that he had performed any operation.

The doctor admitted that he was not on the medical register. He admitted that he had a plaque outside his house on which he was described as a doctor. He said that he did not have his diplomas noting that they were cancelled when he was not on the register.

He said that a girl that he had examined was found to have had an abscess on the left side of her abdomen and that he had told her to go to hospital.

At the inquest, the Coroner told the doctor that the girl that he had examined, oddly enough did have an abscess of that kind. However, the doctor reiterated that he knew nothing about it.

The pathologist that carried out her post-mortem stated that it would have been impossible for Esther Mahoney to have caused the injury that brought about her death.

Esther Mahoney was a chambermaid.

The jury returned an open verdict.

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