Unsolved Murders

Alica Todd

Age: 80

Sex: female

Date: 8 Mar 1932

Place: Cecil Road, Muswell Hill

Alica Todd was found lying injured in a gutter on 23 February 1932.

She was taken to hospital where she later died on 8 March 1932.

It was thought that she had been the victim of a bag snatching assailant. However, several witnesses said that they didn't see anyone running away and an open verdict was returned.

A woman from Church Crest in Muswell Hill said that when Alica Todd had left her house she had had two handbags with her and that when she was found both of them had disappeared.

A woman that had lived on Cecil Road said that she heard a scream and that when she looked out of her window she saw somebody falling on their face. She said that she didn't see anybody running away or hear anyone near her.

She was found near her home in Cecil Road, Muswell Hill and taken to Hornsey Central Hospital. When she arrived, she was found to be suffering from erysipelas and was later transferred to Hornsey Isolation where she died on 8 March 1932.

A doctor said that Alica Todd had been bleeding from injuries to her nose and mouth and had complained of pain in her ribs and left arm. He said that her facial injuries were more consistent with a fall than a blow.

The Coroner remarked that somebody might have snatched the bag from Alica Todd but that there was not sufficient evidence on that point to warrant the jury bringing a criminal verdict against anybody.

She was an artist’s widow.

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