Unsolved Murders

Delroy Barnes

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 7 Feb 2002

Place: A3220, Battersea

Source: www.met.police.uk

Delroy Barnes was shot in a car on the A3220.

He was shot with a sub-machine gun when another car pulled up beside his.

He had been in his friends Ford Mondeo car which was chased through Battersea by some men in a silver Audi car. When the car caught up with him a man fired an Uzi sub-machine gun at the Ford Mondeo car and Delroy Barnes was hit three times.

He died at the scene.

After the shooting, his body was dumped outside Battersea police station.

Police forensic teams found 21 bullets. It was thought that dozens more had missed the car.

It was thought that the intended target of the shooting was the driver of the Ford Mondeo car and not Delroy Barnes.

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