Unsolved Murders


Age: 33

Sex: male

Date: 15 Jan 1933

Place: Albert Embankment, River Thames

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

A man was found in the River Thames just off the Albert Embankment with a bullet in his head.

His body was discovered by a boatman near St. Thomas's Hospital.

He was unidentified and was described as being six-feet tall, aged between 30 to 35, clean shaven and with a slim build. He had dark hair, brown eyes and had good teeth with two of them in the upper jaw being filled with gold. He was also found to have had a wart on his left wrist and the neckband of his shirt had a laundry mark that read V148. It was heard that there was nothing about his clothing to suggest that he had been involved in a struggle.

Medical evidence stated that he had died from a coma and shock resulting from a bullet wound to the brain.

A number of people went to the mortuary to see the body but no one was able to identify him including three women that thought that the man might have been their husband.

The bullet that was taken from his brain was a .25 calibre bullet which was described as a very common type that would be used in Webley Scotts or Colts.

No one at St. Thomas's Hospital near to where his body was found in the river could be found who had heard any shot fired.

A doctor that examined the man's body said that he thought that he had been in the water for about seven days. He also said that he thought that the man had been shot before he had gone into the water and said that the man had not died from drowning.

The inquest heard that there was insufficient evidence to show how it had occurred.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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