Unsolved Murders

Richard Austin

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 12 Mar 2006

Place: Brass Handles Pub, Edgehill Close, Langworthy, Salford

Carlton Alveranga and Richard Austin were shot in a pub.

They had been hired by a security boss Robert Speirs to kill a man at that Brass Handles pub in Salford.

It was thought that he arranged for the hit after a dispute over admission to a nightclub.

The two people that had arranged for Carlton Alveranga and Richard Austin to carry out the shooting, Ian McLeod and Constance Howarth, were convicted of conspiracy to murder in 2007. The man that hired Ian McLeod and Constance Howarth to arrange the hit fled to Spain after the shooting but was extradited in 2008 and later also convicted of conspiracy to murder in 2009.

Carlton Alveranga and Richard Austin had gone into the pub at 2.15pm whilst people were watching a live football game between Manchester United and Newcastle United, and Richard Austin fired six times and Carlton Alveranga once but his 9mm handgun jammed and then the drinkers in the pub jumped on them and they were disarmed.

After they were jumped on and disarmed they were beaten and then one of the drinkers, thought to have been a gangster, shot them both in the chest with their own weapons.

After being shot Carlton Alveranga and Richard Austin staggered outside where they were attacked again and died.

They had shot their intended target but had also hit a person that was sitting next to him. However, both of them survived.

The two men that were shot refused to help the police in their investigation.

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