Unsolved Murders

Keith King

Age: 55

Sex: male

Date: 30 Jul 2016

Place: Broomfield Parish Hall, Broomfield, Essex

Source: www.getreading.co.uk

Keith King died after being punched in the head during an argument.

However, the Coroner was unable to say whether Keith King was unlawfully killed.

A man was initially arrested on suspicion of murder after the incident but was released without charge.

Keith King was from Pendlebury in Hanworth and had been to a party held at Broomfield Parish Hall in Chelmsford on Saturday 30 July 2016. He was involved in an incident in the car park outside the hall in which he was punched to the side of the head causing him to fall to the ground.

He was taken in an unconscious condition to Broomfield Hospital , but died before regaining consciousness.

At his post-mortem, the doctors were not able to say whether the impact of the blow or the fall had caused his death. The doctor said that Keith King had a number of injuries and that, 'It wasn't just a case of him being punched'.

He said that Keith King had bruising to the right side of his jaw consistent with him being struck on the right side of his face, as was described by witnesses, but that other injuries to the right side of his body, including bruising to his right shoulder, a small graze to his neck and another nearer his elbow as well as a cut on the back of his hand were consistent with him falling to the ground. The doctor went on to add that Keith King also had injuries to his left side, including bruising to his left jaw and a fractured cheek bone. He fuher added that Keith King had a small fracture to the left side of his nose that could have been the result of CPR that was administered by paramedics.

He also added that he was unable to say whether Keith King had become unconscious as a result of the fall or as a result of being hit.

It was noted that he had no injuries to his knuckles to suggest that he had been fighting, but it was also noted that the absence of such injuries did not mean that he had not been fighting or swinging punches.

It was noted that at the time of his death Keith King had not been under the influence of drink or drugs.

An examination of Keith King's brain at King's College Hospital in London further found that he had changes to his brain cells that suggested that he had suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

After hearing the evidence at his inquest, the coroner said that she did not think that there was enough evidence to support a verdict of unlawful killing. She said, 'The court, of course, had considered recording a verdict of unlawful killing. I would have to be sure that all the elements for the offence of murder or manslaughter were met and I cannot be sure in light of the evidence that I have heard from Essex Police'. She also added that she did not feel that the evidence supported a verdict of 'accidental death' either.

She then recorded an open verdict.

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