Unsolved Murders

Danny Mcfadden

Age: 66

Sex: male

Date: 18 Jun 1998

Place: Mere Gardens, Halliwell, Bolton

Source: truecrimeenthusiast.wordpress.com

Danny Mcfadden died from a fractured skull and smoke inhalation at his flat on 18 June 1998.

He was found in his bed with furniture and clothes piled on top of him at his flat which had been set on fire. He was said to have been viciously assaulted before his flat was set on fire and that he must have suffered a painful and extremely frightening death. It was thought that he might have been beaten about the head with a hammer. He had three D shape lacerations to his skull and also had a broken jaw and a fractured right cheekbone.

It was thought that the fire had been started to conceal evidence of his murder and that he had been covered in the bed in order to hide his body.

The police said that they thought that there were a number of people that knew who had killed him.

They said that there was no known motive. However, a local resident had said that there were rumours that he had a bit of money back in Ireland and that he had been followed home or befriended by someone so that they could get his money.

He had lived on the second floor of a council flat in Mere Gardens.

He was from Ireland and was said to have been reasonably well known in the area and known as Brandy Dan or Double Brandy Dan. He was said to have gone out to the pubs in the afternoons and then to have spent the evenings at home alone.

He was a regular drinker at the Kings Arms and Funnys Bar on Chorley Old Road as well as the Cotton Tree on Prince Street. He was also described as a generous customer and was always prepared to buy people a drink. It was said that he had been a crane driver and that he had saved money so that he could enjoy life when he retired.

He was also said to have not had any enemies in the world.

He was last seen at the Funnys Bar on Chorley Old Road on the Wednesday night at 10.20pm before his murder.

The police said that they were looking to find anyone that had seen him being followed home on that night.

The fire brigade was called out to his flat to fight the fire at about 3.40am. His body was found after the fire was put out.

He was described to be of a slim build and about 5ft 6in tall and was quite distinguishable in his leather muffler-type hat.

His case was the subject of a cold case review in 2008 when it was said that items removed from his flat at the time were being reviewed for DNA evidence in line with developments in forensic analysis.

Eleven people were arrested throughout the investigation, but no one was ever charged.

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