Unsolved Murders

Samuel Townsley

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 19 Oct 2016

Place: Union Street, Glasgow, Scotland

Source: www.irvinetimes.com

Samuel Townsley was last seen in Union Street, Glasgow at about 9.30am on Wednesday 19 October 2016 or possibly a couple of days later at a homeless service in Glasgow.

His parents think that he was murdered.

It was noted that he had attempted to commit suicide a couple of times and that he had also been in prison numerous times. He was also said to have use drugs intermittently and to have been in an ongoing battle with a drug addiction which was the cause of his time in prison.

His father said, 'In my honest opinion I think he has been murdered. I know my son better than anyone, we were close and he has never called me. I have had the same number for years and Sammy knows it off the top of his head and he has never called. A couple of times, he attempted suicide but Sammy was the kind of person that he would shriek to do something, he never seemed to carry it through. It was a cry for help thing. I don’t think he had the bottle to jump in the Clyde and kill himself. He was in prison numerous times so who do you meet in prison? He took drugs then stopped, then took drugs and stopped, so you don’t know if he owed money or stole something. The police have been in the River Clyde four times now with divers and there has been no trace. My honest opinion is I think he has been murdered. Police can’t prove anything because there is no evidence'.

The police said, 'There is no evidence at this time which would suggest he has been the victim of crime. Clearly, there is a number of hypothesis which we have considered, criminality being one. We have been unable to unearth any shred of evidence which would take us towards that pathway. But we do consider that'.

At the time Samuel Townsley vanished he had been homeless and was known to travel across the central belt and would visit areas including Renfrewshire, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Grangemouth and Falkirk.

Samuel Townsley was white, about 5ft 3in tall and had a stocky build and short brown hair. He also had some scars on his forehead.

When he was last seen he had gone into the Rebel Rebel barbers in Glasgow and had asked to use the toilet and the staff were so concerned about his appearance that they called the police.

There was another reported sighting of him at one of the homeless services in Glasgow a few days later.

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