Unsolved Murders

Geoffrey Houghton Windsor

Age: 57

Sex: male

Date: 26 Jun 2002

Place: Beaulieu Heights, Croyden

Source: www.met.police.uk

Geoffrey Houghton Windsor was beaten to death with a car arial in Beaulieu Heights park on South Norwood Hill.

The area was a known gathering place for homosexuals and it was thought that Geoffrey Houghton, who lived nearby in Brae Court, had been targetted in a homophobic attack.

He was found lying beneath a tree in the park in a pool of blood at 1.52am on 26 June 2002 and taken to the Mayday University hospital but pronounced dead at 2.35am.

A witness said that they heard the sound of someone running through the park shortly before he was attacked.

Police found a gold ring on the ground near his body but it was not known whether the ring had belonged to Geoffrey Houghton or his attacker.

It was noted that the summer before, homosexuals in the park had been targetted in a number of robberies there.

It was thought that there might have been about 15 people in the park at the time that might have witnessed something.

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