Unsolved Murders

Ladi Benson

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 1 Nov 2015

Place: Baddow Road, Chelmsford

Source: www.echo-news.co.uk

Ladi Benson was stabbed to death in Chelmsford during an altercation.

He was stabbed in Baddow Road at the junction of Longfields Road on Tuesday 10 November 2015 at about 6.45pm and was taken to Broomfield Hospital where he died soon after.

His post-mortem stated that he died from blood loss caused by a stab wound to the chest.

Two 20-year-old men were arrested on suspicion of murder but were later released without charge.

The police said that they thought that there was a strong likelihood that Ladi Benson’s death was connected to the drugs and criminal fraternity. They added that they thought at least five people knew exactly what happened when he was murdered, noting that they either witnessed the murder or had been directly involved in the attack. The police added that they knew all the people they were referring to and that some of them included people that called themselves Ladi Benson's friends.

The police said that they had followed 530 separate lines of enquiry, taken 254 witness statements, spoken to 242 people during house to house enquiries and reviewed 144 CCTV recordings, and had had 156 police officers and staff involved in the investigation, committing 1,691 additional hours.

Ladi Benson ran Numero 88, a shoe and clothes shop in Princes Street, Chelmsford, which he had opened on 21 March 2015 and had recently refurbish two weeks earlier with a new open plan layout, and a new changing room and stockroom.

He had a daughter and step-son.

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