Unsolved Murders

Darren Pearman

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 3 Oct 1999

Place: Epping Forest Country Club, Chigwell, Essex

Source: www.express.co.uk

Darren Pearman was stabbed outside the Epping Forest Country Club.

Two men were suspected of his murder, but no charges were ever made. One of the men, Ron Fuller, was later shot outside his house in what is now also an unsolved murder.

Darren Pearman had been with his brother at the time who survived the attack.

They were attacked at about 3.52am and Darren Pearman had been stabbed multiple times.

He was said to have been a member of a notorious Canning Town gang.

It was said that the brawl in which he was murdered was the result of earlier differences that started when Dave King, a man described as a well-known underworld figure that was later murdered by three men with an AK47 who were convicted for his murder in 2003, had had Ron Fuller, a bouncer, eject Darren Pearman from a pub in North London. Then, sometime later when Darren Pearman saw Ron Fuller at the Epping Forest Country Club in Chigwell, there was a fight that developed into a mass brawl during which Darren Pearman was stabbed.

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