Unsolved Murders

Dorrie McKie

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 3 Aug 1999

Place: Leaf Street, Hulme, Manchester

Dorrie McKie was shot in Leaf Street, Hulme, at about 11.15pm on 3 August 1999.

He was shot by three youths on bikes. He was hit by three bullets and died at the scene on the side of the road. The three youths had been wearing bandanas and had chased Dorrie McKie from a car in Hulme where he lived.

Another person that he had been with was shot in the arm.

He was last seen that night by his mother when he had borrowed 35p to play basketball and gone out with a friend.

A gun that was linked to his murder was later found and two men that had been in possession of it were convicted for firearms related offences. However, it was not thought that they were the murderers.

Dorrie McKie was also known as Junior. His mother said that she thought that he had been killed because of where he lived and because of who his friends were.

At the time Manchester was known as Gunchester and Dorrie McKie's murder was one of three gun-murders around that time. The other two gun-victims were Martin Bennett who was shot on 31 July 1999 and Anthony Cook who was shot on 15 August 1999. All three murders are unsolved.

Dorrie McKie's mother was noted for having set up the charity Mothers Against Violence following Dorrie McKie's murder.

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