Unsolved Murders

Patrick Logan

Age: 40

Sex: male

Date: 30 Jul 1999

Place: Cuddington Avenue, Withington, Manchester

Source: www.theguardian.com

Patrick Logan was shot dead in his home.

He had lived on Cuddington Avenue in Withington and had been in bed at the time with his fiancee when some men wearing masks broke in and shot him five times in the chest.

When the men entered his room he was on the phone to the police and the shooting was recorded. In the recording he was heard to say 'I've just been woken up. There's two ... There's people down the stairs, we've been burgled.', after which he was heard to scream as he was shot.

An ambulance was sent, and Patrick Logan was taken to hospital but died soon after.

It was heard that his murder could have been a professional hit and that it could have been in revenge for a shooting that Patrick Logan had been tried for two years earlier but acquitted for.

The police found some fingerprints as well as shoe prints, but were unable to link them to anyone.

The police also said that they were unable to link the firearm ballistics to any other crimes.

It was heard that it was thought that Patrick Logan had a criminal record.

Patrick Logan and his fiancee were due to marry in a few weeks’ time.

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