Unsolved Murders

William Harold Cheesewright

Age: 60

Sex: male

Date: 22 Dec 1933

Place: 3 Stuart Avenue, Ealing

William Harold Cheesewright was found shot in his garden shed.

He was taken to hospital where he later died. An open verdict was returned.

He was a former Bostonian and a retired bank manager. He had been the manager of a bank in Darlington and had gone to Ealing to retire about five years earlier. His father been the manager of the Boston branch of the National Provincial Bank and had recently passed away in November 1932.

His inquest heard that he had died from a gunshot wound but that there was no evidence to show how it had been inflicted. He was found by his housekeeper in a sitting position with a gunshot wound to his chest and a sporting gun lying at his side.

His brother said that he had a pension of £600 a year and that he had no financial difficulties.

The doctor said that when he arrived he found William Cheesewright lying on the floor of the shed with a wound to his side and said that he said, 'I am in pain'.

When a doctor examined the wound he said that he found pellets and wads in the wound and suggested that the gun had been held up by the barrel and had been pointing downwards. the doctor added that he doubted that the wound was self-inflicted. At the inquest, the doctor held the gun up in the position he assumed that it had been fired and demonstrated how difficult it would have been for William Cheesewright to have reached the trigger. However, when asked if it might have been an accident the doctor said, 'Yes'.

When his housekeeper was questioned she said that when she found him he had mentioned something about cleaning the gun.

A detective-inspector said that the only thing out of place in the hut was a small garden fork which was lying on the floor about six yards from William Cheesewright's body. He said that he agreed with the doctor in that it would have been very difficult for William Cheesewright to have held the gun and pulled the trigger.

William Cheesewright was buried in Boston.

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