Unsolved Murders

Gerald Edward Lauzanne

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 22 Jul 1933

Place: Mapperley

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Gerald Edward Lauzanne was found with a bullet wound in his right temple.

He was found lying face downwards in a field near a golf course on the night of Friday, 22 July 1933 by a 13-year old boy.

The police were called and when a policeman arrived at 8.10pm he said that there was no sign of a struggle. He said that when he raised Gerald Lauzanne on to his left arm, where his right arm should have rested there was a pistol with the muzzle pointing towards his feet. However, he noted that the pistol might have been displaced by his raising Gerald Lauzanne.

Along with the pistol and a book titled 'The Riddle Of The Universe' by Ernest Haeckal along with a bloodstained handkerchief were found beside him. They also found a box of caps in his pocket and it was noted that if the box had been full that there were 34 missing. They said that they also found a quantity of loose shot in his pocket as well as tablets for headaches.

The book was found to be open on a marked page that referred to the age of the author when the book had been written.

An open verdict was returned at his inquest. The coroner said, 'I am quite satisfied that no one shot him. I think the pistol was discharged by the deceased, but whether intentionally or not I think we had better leave open'.

Gerald Lauzanne's father said, 'My son would not shoot himself intentionally'. He said that Gerald Lauzanne had done well with his studies and was keen on them. He added that he played cricket and had gone shooting on occasions.

His father said that on the Saturday afternoon he and his wife had gone to Skegness by car and had left Gerald Lauzanne at home. He said that all he knew about the tragedy was that Gerald Lauzanne was found dead near the golf links. He said that he was always a happy sort of lad and never showed any signs of depression and that indeed he was far from depressed. He also said that Gerald Lauzanne was not worrying about getting work and had no troubles or worries.

When the pistol was produced at the inquest his father said that he had no idea where Gerald Lauzanne had got it and said that he had never seen it before. He said that Gerald Lauzanne had a small pistol and said that he used to shoot birds with a rifle and was in the cadets. The policeman said that he had made efforts to trace where the pistol had been purchased but without success. A colonel that was at the inquest noted that the pistol was evidently new.

The coroner remarked that the book that was found by him would have been heavy reading. It was heard that Gerald Lauzanne generally read American books and books on economics. His father said that he had never seen the book that Gerald Lauzanne was found with and it was noted that he had taken it out of the library on the Saturday. There was also writing in the book, but it was said to have not been Gerald Lauzanne's.

He had been a student of St. Helier and lived in Kenwick Road in Mapperley.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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