Unsolved Murders

Nureni Mumin Sheikh

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 10 Jan 1999

Place: Zaku Cafe, Claremont Road, Moss Side, Greater Manchester

Nureni Sheikh was shot outside the Zaku Cafe in Claremont Road, Moss Side in the afternoon at about 5.30pm on 10 January 1999.

He had been shot twice and was said to have begged for mercy as he lay on the ground.

He was taken to the Manchester Royal Infirmary but died soon after arrival. His cause of death was given as gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The police said that two men had been involved in his murder, one of whom had been carrying the gun that he was shot with, and that they had both been wearing balaclavas and wearing gloves. It was said that Nureni Sheikh had just got out of his car when one of the men had pointed the gun at Nureni Sheikh and then grabbed him after which there was a tussle and Nureni Sheikh fell to the ground. It was said that whilst he was on the ground he pleaded with the man asking why he was doing it to him and why he was being targetted and that he was then shot. After shooting him the men were said to have left the scene on foot.

They were both described as being black or of mixed race and about 5ft 10ins tall.

The police said that there was nothing in Nureni Sheikh's background to suggest that he was involved in crime or had any gang links in the area.

It was later said that it was thought that he had been shot during a bungled carjacking.

He had been in Moss Side at the time for a wedding.

The Zaku Cafe was at the junction of Claremont Road and Broadfield Road.

He was from Manor Park in London but had been born in Somalia. He was an IT and engineering student at Newham College.

Nureni Sheikh's father was also shot dead in Somalia during the civil unrest around 1989.

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