Unsolved Murders

John Neale

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 17 Aug 1999

Place: Blythe Close, Catford

John Neale and Pauline Neale were stabbed to death at their home.

A 43-year old garage manager from Bromley was charged with their murders in September 2003 but no trial results are known.

They had lived in Blythe Close in Catford, which was described as a quiet cul de sac.

They were found dead in a pool of blood in their summer house on 17 August 1999.

It was thought that they had been attacked between 2pm on Sunday 15 August and 3pm on Tuesday 17 August 1999. Their bodies were found by a relative that had gone to their house after being told that family members said that they had tried calling on the Sunday but had got no answer.

The police said that the attack on them had been frenzied and said that they thought that their killer might have left the house with his clothes covered in blood. They were also said to have had defensive injuries although it was noted that they would not have had a chance of defending themselves.

The police said that they were probably killed with a kitchen knife although they said that the murder weapon was not found.

Their post-mortems stated their deaths were due to multiple stab wounds.

The police also said that there was no evidence of a break-in or that anything had been stolen.

They also said that there were no reports of any sightings of the murderer, at or leaving, the property.

The police said that they were investigating their background in relation to a possible motive, including underworld associates, noting that John Neale had had a criminal record and that they had once been the subject of police surveillance. John Neale was convicted of supplying Class A drugs earlier in February 1999. He was sentenced to two years but had been released early because of time that he had served on remand.

John Neale was registered as disabled following an accident that he had had abroad.

They had had a blue Rolls Royce car that was parked outside their house.

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