Unsolved Murders

David Ferguson

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 15 Oct 1999

Place: Calder Street, Mossend, Lanarkshire

Source: www.heraldscotland.com

David Ferguson was found hacked to death on a footpath near the railway line off Calder Road.

He had been hit 25 times with a machete. It was thought that he had been lured there by someone that he knew and then attacked.

A man was tried for his murder in 2002 but the case had collapsed after a key witness suddenly refused to give evidence. The man that suddenly refused to give evidence was convicted for contempt of court and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

The police later spent five years developing a new case against the man but in November 2017 the police closed the case after it was heard that people were refusing to help them and they could find no legal basis for having a new trial under the double jeopardy laws.

The man tried for his murder was later convicted of the murder of another man in 2012 and sentenced to serve at least 18 years imprisonment of a life sentence.

During the investigation the police questioned a man that was said to have given the man that was tried the machete and a balaclava.

David Ferguson was from Main Street in Bellshill and was a trainee panel beater with Arnold Clark.

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