Unsolved Murders

Human Remains

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 1 Apr 1912

Place: Sherwood Colliery, Mansfield

Human remains were found at Sherwood Colliery.

The body was of an unknown female. It had no identification on it or any other means to identify her.

The remains were found on 1 April 1912 on a tip at the colliery buried to a depth of about 18 inches.

When a doctor examined the remains, he found the fragments of a straw hat, a dark green garment, which he thought was probably an ulster, with buttons attached, some dress material, portions of an ornament containing a green stone, parts of a corset, brown stockings, a pair of black stockings and a green belt with a metal buckle.

He said that the remains were in an advanced state of decomposition and that some of the bones were loose from the body.

He said that there was no sign of injury to her skull or any of her bones and said that he thought that her remains had been buried between 12 to 18 months earlier.

He said that her decomposition would have taken place very quickly and noted that the fumes from that would have probably change the colour of her clothing.

A woman from Orchard Street said that her sister had been living with her until 11 August 1910 on which date she went out and was never seen alive again, but said that she was unable to identify the remains as being those of her sister.

A man said that there had been no tipping at that particular place for the last five years.

An open verdict was returned.

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