Unsolved Murders

Albert Squires

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 16 Sep 1912

Place: Seven Sisters Road, Edmonton

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Albert Squires was shot in the head whilst out drunk and died later in the infirmary.

He had been involved in a street quarrel in Seven Sisters Road on 14 September 1912 where he was shot in the head. After the quarrel he had gone home and the following day he went out for a walk. After returning he was found by a lodger in his room in a drunken state and feeling ill.

His mother said that when Albert Squires came home he had a meal and then went upstairs, but said that she later found him on the floor, but thought that he was recovering from the effects of drink. However, she said that when she found him there in the same position on the Monday, she sent for a doctor.

Witnesses said that they had heard the report of a firearm during the street quarrel. It was also reported that the revolver had been fired by someone in the crowd. However, at the time it was not thought that anyone had been hit by a bullet.

Albert Squires later told other lodgers that he had been shot, but they didn't believe him. One lodger said that when Albert Squires told him that he had been shot, he looked but saw no blood and so left him there in bed apparently asleep.

However, when he was found to still be unconscious the following day he was taken to Edmonton Infirmary where he died on Thursday 19 September 1912 and the bullet was found in his brain.

The bullet, which was described as tiny, was said to have entered the right side of Albert Squires's head by the ear and then lodged in his brain.

No revolver was found in Albert Squires's possession.

At his inquest, the Coroner said nearly all the witnesses had attempted to supress important information. He said that some people had said that they had seen the man with the revolver during the row whilst others had said that the man did not show one during the row.

An open verdict was returned.

He had been a costermonger and had lived in Tewkesbury Road in Tottenham.

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