Unsolved Murders

Charles Ludwig Bergstedt

Age: 54

Sex: male

Date: 19 Sep 1912

Place: River Tyne, North Shields

Source: www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

Charles Ludwig Bergstedt was found dead in the River Tyne. His feet were tied together with a white muffler and he had head injuries.

He was found by the River Tyne Police whilst on patrol in the River Tyne near the premises of Messrs Smith's Dock Company in North Shields.

He had lodged at 19 Wensleydale Terrace in Blyth and his remains were identified by his landlady. He was about 54 years of age and about 5ft tall. He had been wearing a dark blue jacket and vest, and dark blue striped trousers.

His insurance card, which was found on him, gave his name and birthplace and was last stamped 2 August 1912. His discharge book said that he had been a sea-going engineer some years before but that books showed that he had recently been employed as a donkeyman on board the Tyne steamer Isle of Lewis and that he had last been discharged from that vessel at Antwerp in December 1911.

Charles Bergstedt was from Sweden and was a marine engineer and was said to have had no friends. However, he was said to have been unable to find work for some time and was said to have been down spirited at times. It was noted that he had been unable to pay his board and had been heard to say twice that he felt like making a hole in the dock.

He was last seen by his landlady on 12 September 1912 when he left his lodgings saying that he was going to join a ship at Hull.

His inquest heard that that there was no evidence to show how Charles Bergstedt had got into the water and a verdict of found drowned was returned.

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