Unsolved Murders

Sam Guidera

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 12 Feb 2011

Place: Bailey Place, Sydenham, London, SE26

Sam Guidera was stabbed in the heart in Bailey Place, London, at around 9.55pm, 200 metres from Penge East station.

He was taken to King’s College Hospital but died 25 minutes later at 10.55pm. He had suffered a single stab wound to the heart.

When he was first found, people thought that he had been hit by a car.

He had been a student studying history and politics at the University of Greenwich and had spent the day watching football on television with friends. He had left Bickley at 9.17pm by train to go and meet his girlfriend and had arrived at Penge East station at 9.30pm. When he got to the station he crossed over the footbridge over the railway for Newlands Park and visited a shop. He was last seen at 9.38pm at a bus stop opposite Bailey Place.

Moments before he was stabbed at 9.48pm a mystery number, 0740 477 6433, was entered into his phone. The police thought that his attackers had asked to use his mobile phone and that they had entered the number. It was not a number that was for anyone that Sam Guidera had known or was connected with him. Seconds later he tried to dial 999 but dialled 9999 instead and the call was not connected.

He was soon after found collapsed in Bailey Place.

His wallet had been stolen.

The 0740 477 6433 number was traced and found to have been a Lyca Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Sim that had never been activated. The police said that they were interested in hearing from anyone with a similar number with maybe a few different digits.

CCTV footage was later found of two men running past the place that he was stabbed. The footage showed two shadowy figures run past the spot shortly after the stabbing at 9.57pm and then return around 15 minutes later running in the opposite direction.

Five people were arrested but no one was charged with his murder. One of the men arrested was a man that had confessed to Sam Guidera's murder to a friend, however, it was later determined that he had lied to enhance his status and that his story was a fantasy.

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