Unsolved Murders

Tariq Sattar

Age: 35

Sex: male

Date: 7 Sep 1998

Place: Black Bull, Halifax Old Road, Birkby, Huddersfield

Source: www.yorkshirepost.co.uk

Tariq Sattar was shot in the back of the neck in the cellar of his pub.

A man was tried for his murder and manslaughter but acquitted.

Tariq Sattar was the licensee of the Black Bull on Halifax Old Road.

He was found dead in the cellar with his hands and feet tied.

Two men were convicted for attempted robbery and burglary. It was heard that they had gone to the pub in the early hours to steal the pub takings and had got into the pub through the bathroom window with the intention of stealing the money from the safe.

However, it was heard that whilst they were there, Tariq Sattar had returned to the pub and that when he did they forced him to the floor and tied him up with rope.

One of the men said that they found the keys to the safe on Tariq Sattar and that he then went upstairs to open it and that whilst he was there he heard a bang and that when he came back down he saw his friend standing there in a cloud of smoke with a shotgun in his hand.

However, the other man said that he had not been at the pub that night at all.

Other evidence against the man stated that he had later confessed to a relative, saying that the gun had gone off accidentally while he was hitting Tariq Sattar, but he also denied that.

The man that was said to have shot Tariq Sattar had an IQ of 67 and it was noted that that meant that 98.6 per cent of the population were intellectually more able than he was.

The man had been previously found unfit to stand trial, but before a further hearing could be held to determine whether he had carried out the act of killing Tariq Sattar he had gone on the run and fled to France where he was later arrested.

After he was returned to the UK he was found to be fit to stand trial and then tried but acquitted.

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