Unsolved Murders

Marjorie Bartasky

Age: 38

Sex: female

Date: 29 Jan 1934

Place: Queens Road, Minster, Isle of Sheppey

Marjorie Bartasky was found dead in a bed in her bungalow.

She was described as an attractive blonde and was said to have claimed that she was a spy and that she was afraid of the vengeance of her enemies. A nurse that was a close friend of Marjorie Bartasky said that Marjorie Bartasky told her, 'I worked as a spy for the French Police during the war in France. I am afraid always that my enemies will track me down and kill me'.

Her friend also said that Marjorie Bartasky was secretive regarding her war work as a spy but did say that she was always afraid to go to Liverpool where she said she had been an informer for the Liverpool police in connection with the Irish activities.

The friend said that Marjorie Bartasky had told her that she had been well paid for her work and that she used to follow suspected people about in Liverpool during the war and denounce German agents to the police. The friend said that Marjorie Bartasky would not speak much of her activities in France and was always afraid that somebody would kill her.

She said that Marjorie Bartasky had once told her that her enemies had once nearly trapped her in Liverpool, saying that she had met a woman who had fallen into a faint in the street with her baby and that Marjorie Bartasky had then been asked to carry the baby for the woman back to her place. The friend said that Marjorie Bartasky told her that she had carried the baby for miles to a lonely street where the woman had suddenly disappeared and where a man suddenly rushed out and tried to grab her and pull her into a building, but Marjorie Bartasky had told her friend that she had dropped the baby and fled back to a main thoroughfare where she then ran to a house where she fell down at the door in a collapsed condition.

The friend also said that she had noticed that Marjorie Bartasky was very familiar with the Baillie-Stewart case and was very interested in it but would never express an opinion.

The friend said that a curious thing was that although Marjorie Bartasky had said that she was of Polish extraction, she seemed to know more about Russia than she did about Poland.

She spoke half a dozen languages well, and acquaintances noticed that from time to time she made visits to unknown destinations.

The friend also said that Marjorie Bartasky had once confided in her that she was in love with a commercial traveller who could not always see her as he was travelling about the country.

She said that she could never get any information about where Marjorie Bartasky went when she left her work, saying that she would go away for months and not answer her letters.

Her post-mortem failed to reveal her cause of death, and certain organs were sent to the Home Office for examination by experts.

The police said that they didn't suspect foul play.

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