Unsolved Murders

Samuel Harry

Age: 19 months

Sex: male

Date: 21 Apr 2013

Place: Dynevor Close, Bromham, Bedford

Samuel Harry died of bleeding to the brain.

It was thought that he had received his injuries after having either been shaken, swung around or being thrown down.

A CT scan showed a huge subdural haematoma had filled the cavity between his brain and skull with blood.

It was noted that there were no other marks on his body.

His mother and the man that she had been living with at the time blamed each other for his death.

At his inquest medical experts said that his injuries were almost certainly inflicted deliberately and were the result of a substantial blow to the brain. The coroner said the mother and her partner at the time had hidden the truth.

Although they had blamed each other, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was no realistic prospect of a prosecution, and that there was insufficient evidence to suggest they had acted jointly.

It was heard that during the window in which the medical experts say the injuries to Samuel Harry were inflicted, an 11-hour period on the night of 20 April 2013, both the mother and her partner had been in the house.

The partner said the he had found Samuel Harry drowsy with his eyes open. A while later paramedics arrived to find Samuel Harry unconscious and very pale and he was taken to Bedford Hospital, after which he was taken to Addenbrooke's in Cambridge where emergency neurosurgery was carried out to remove the swelling of his brain. However, he later died.

It was also heard that one of his eyes was enlarged and he felt cold, which the Coroner said could have indicated hypothermia.

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